He was cold and distant on the 3rd date?

I had such a disappointing 3rd date tonight.. I know it's stupid to be upset this early on but I feel pathetic. So I had 2 great dates w/this guy I met online, and he kissed me last time we met. He texted me everyday this past week & said stuff like "can't wait to kiss you again next time!". He even called me last night and we talked for an hour on the phone. I was so excited about tonight, but the minute he showed up he was kinda quiet/cold. After we watched the movie I asked if he wanted to get dinner & he said, "Nah I'm just gonna go home and relax". He also gave me a stiff hug when we said goodbye (no kiss). I texted him if everything was ok & he said "yeah, just tired". I feel so rejected.. why would a guy act like this =(? And can anyone help cheer me up?


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  • Give him a few days... something happened to him, but it's not about you. Ask him, 'You seemed really down when we last met, is there anything I can do to help'?

    • So I texted a little later asking if everything was ok and he never replied hah. But you're right, I'm just going to assume it's not about me

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  • Please don't i repeat don't text him again till he does. If he really likes you which im sure he does if it's been three dates, let him pursue you. As woman we tend to over think things so much.