Why my bf look down me?

I be been hearing things from people my bf acts different from how he treated his ex gf and me. I feel like my bf is being rude and look down me in general. He was broken up by his ex which she is extreamly sexy and confidence. she's the girl every guy wants to date but then she broke up w me bf out of blue i thanks he was pretty mad at her and then after few weeks him and I started to date. but people around me and him keep telling me he acts totally different. he's sweet but often he says lots about things like he doesn't think I am capable of anything and talks to me rudly. The thing is is he only dating me just because he knows he's ex gf hated me? Does he even likes me? why does he acts different? does my bf still likes his ex? why does he looks down me all the time if he didn't to his ex? everyone tells me he was better person when he was dating his ex.

Can I get any guys perspective please?


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  • if he is rude to you and puts you down then you shouldn't be dating him. only give your time to a guy who values you

  • You sound like a rebound and he sounds like a jerk. Dump a guy who doesn't respect you.

    • but he already told me how he loves me and I am the one for him. but also he told me he has no interested in me at first place then his ex hated him to hang around me as much as he was told not to date me from his ex he took my side and against her. Do you think he actually likes me or is he only using me to make his ex upset?

    • Using. He is telling you nice things to make you stay. But any guy who says the things he said to you is a jerk. Don't believe him. Respect yourself and tell him you won't accept being treated that way.

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