What should I do? Weird semi relationship question! Urgent Help!?

So me and this guy have been lovers i guess since October 11th. He came to Paris (where I live) and we quickly started kissing, holding and having sex. Then after a week in Paris we went to Greece together for a week. Then we came back to paris, he went back to england and i stayed in paris. Then 2 weeks later i went and stayed with him in england for a week where we continued where we left off. Now I'm back in Paris but I'm leaving soon and we are both too busy to see each other before I leave France and the next time we will be able to see each other is in October next year when he comes back to nz. what should I do?

anyone know?


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  • You have to accept the situation as it is. Distance is a problem.

    • Yea but do I try and forget him and move on?

    • If you aren't dating then you don't have to decide to stop contact, but don't get emotionally invested either. Figure out what you are comfortable with.

    • ok thanks! it's bloody confusing how we never spoke about it

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