Need help with talking to a girl!?

I'm a 15 yearold high school student. And usually am very talkative with everyone but... I met a very pretty and smart girl in the school and know her for around 2 months, she is also 15, and we had small talks in begining when we first met and later I had trouble talking to her and my brain just frezzes when I see her and have no clue what to say, I also sometimes pretend I dont see her (ignore her) because I am to afraid. She is much prettier than me... But also I'm not ugly.
The thing I want is to get to know her better and later maybe ask her out. I have her Facebook name and she is my friend on it. I would love to chat with her but really don't know how I would explain it why I'm starting the chat... And have no clue what to talk about. Also when I see her in school she is always with 2 of her friends and evan if I wanted to, couldn't talk to her alone... :/

Would love to get some help and opinions! :)


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  • If you have her for any classes begin a conversation asking her a question about the class like homework. When I was your age that's what I'd do and then transition into something else. Try complimenting her and if she goes Ali g with it things will stary being easier 😄


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  • Well maybe u should just go over to the girl while she is with her friends and ask her if u can talk with her privately for a moment. Then u can just ask her if she wants to hang out with u on the weekend or something like that. and dont pretend u dont see her. Be confident girls like that in a guy