How to talk to a guy I do not know on Facebook?

Okay so there's this guy I've been seeing on the bus a couple of times every week, and when I finally discovered him on Facebook my friends insisted I should add him, so I did. He accepted me, and a day after I liked his profile picture because he had just changed it. What should I do next? How can I hint that I want him to talk to me? Or should I just chat with him first? I am most definitely going to approach him on Facebook first. It is important to know that we have plenty of things in common, telling by his "likes", and we have also been to the same concert in July. He's an year older and we go to different schools.
I'm really scared of what he will think if I approach him, because I'm really unlucky when it comes to guys. What would you think? What would you do if you were me?


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  • Comment on one of his posts, status updates, whatever. Preferably, let it end with a question. If he responds, wonderful, you're in a conversation.

    • Thank you for your answer! He doesn't really post that much, and isn't that a bit too public? I would rather ask him something in private... I was thinking about saying something like "I think I know you from somewhere"

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