I am Really frustrated, does she like me? GIRLS OPINION !!!?

1- I used to stare at this girl from time to time

2- we were set in groups and when i looked at her at times she is staring at me then she looks down

3- she asked me about something regarding the experiment in the lab and she was looking in the ground the whole time ( no eye contact ). she had a little shy smile ( no sure about this though ) which is really weird since she makes full eye contact with other guys and she is the outgoing type of girl

4- one day we went out of the labs , i was at the gate and she picked up a taxi. when she came near the gate she was looking at the gate in my direction

5- one week ago, i was sitting with my friends she came in and asked for a charger and while she was asking she was looking in the ground

6- I added her 2 days ago , she accepted after 3 hours

7- I sent her a message "hi" and as soon as I sent it she went offline instantly then she came back after 1 hours then went offline then after two hours then went offline again

8- I asked her out next Friday for a dinner her reply was

"yes sure no problem"
"inform me okay"
I am really sorry this message was not for you

after two minutes she sent me this

"and no sorry"

her message was sent by mistake obviously. it was intentionally sent this way but why?
10- the next day I sent her this

" hey man I am really interested in her but she doesn't want to show her true emotions. I dont know what to do
I am sorry this message was not sent to you
and regarding Friday it is fine no need to be sorry"

She read the message after one hour and no reply. then the next day the seen stamp is gone. she marked my message as unread

is she interested? why she is acting like this? I am confused? how do I act, i can't talk to her in person because i can not find her alone?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It seems like she likes you but she's afraid. She prob was really hurt before and can't handle another rejection or disappointment.

    • how to deal with her then?

    • Just show her that you care. Oneday insure her that you will never hurt her and you aren't going anywhere. Most of all don't change. Only show her the real you.

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  • I think she is debating whether or not she likes you. Wait for a bit and see what happens

  • how can such a mistake occur while creating an account? she might be playing hard to get

    • i was in a hurry and it happened. How can I turn tables on her, should I ignore her a bit and then contact her again

    • yeah try playing hard to get with her too

  • I think she might have a crush on you but she's afraid


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  • "I am a guy by the way I made a mistake when creating this account " - So delete it and start again. Or should we call you @Sandplanet?

  • Wow u r a guy now so are into soft boys now

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    • 😍...

    • 😚😍❤️💚💜💙💛💋💗🌹

  • Relax people maybe he is gay