This girl I've been seeing has become distant, what should I do and what does it mean?

I met this girl over a month ago and from that time we saw each other literally almost every day except when I went away to study.

Everything was fine until a little while after that her friend confronted me about if me and her were dating, I kinda answered the question awkwardly and left it at that, so I kept seeing this girl and meet her family and friends and was going well, she messaged me everyday.

Until lately when I have been down lately because of certain events (lost my car and haven't been working much) so she asked if I was okay and I said sorry I feel like I want to be alone I'm just not feeling well. Then she said okay hope you feel better soon and said goodnight.

Now every time I try to talk to her she doesn't respond for gaps of time and has short replys or when I suggest we hang out she says she's busy and when I ask when she may have time she says she doesn't know.

Is this her way of shutting me out and removing me from her sights of being interested in?

I stopped messaging her for 2 days and she got angry at me a couple of days ago, so I don't know if she still has feelings for me or not.


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  • She was hurt that you did not open to her. She does like you and want to be there for you. You pulled away and that hurt her. Ask her out and explain to her why you felt bad. She might think that you wanted time away from her. Oi

    • I've only started to think about it after going through the messages.

      I want to do that but she won't see me now. She used to talk to me all the time and I wouldn't even have to ask to see her she would just come over.

      I asked her twice this weekend and she just said she was busy, how can I talk to her properly if I can't see her?

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    • "Hi" is the safest message. Reply warmly, but do not overdo it. If she gets angry, she still cares. Just chill. Get something else to focus on. If she cares and we know she does she WILL contact you. The harder you work for someone the more you want them. I know cause I am in her shoes!!

    • Okay thank you :)
      I'll do that, it's hard because I like her and I don't want to play these silly games.

      but yeah I don't have any other way to deal with this

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  • maybe when you told her to stay a bit alone she was expecting you to ask her for support and she got a bit angry. women are hard to understand:/ why dont you ask her whats going on?

    • I asked if everything was fine between us and she just said she's been busy lately, a couple of days after that I didn't text her for 2 days and she got upset.

      So I don't know I'm confused

    • hmm... she maybe really was busy. cmon man just meet each other you are hurting yourselves