He called me a stalker?

This girl at work and I went back and forth for months talking and meeting up to chat. She didn't do this with anyone else. I started ignoring her because she pissed me off and made me feel jealous. I did the same to her. Anyways Inknow my buddy had a crush on her. I noticed over time she started following him out when he left to the parking lot. I'd run to the break room or watch from a secret location to see if they were talking. It was mostly her getting out like 30 seconds after him. As he was getting in his car or leaving. I thought it was weird but I watched to see if she liked him. I ignored her for 2 months and he tells me she's been walking talking with him everday. He said she is out there everytime he goes out there and that it was kindnif creeping him out. Like I said I had been watching and not really seeing talking maybe only once or twice. I got mad and told him she used to do this with me. He seemed kind of pissed and asked me "how does it feel to stalk a stalker?" I thought that was interesting. Like did he know somehow I watched? I don't see how it would be possible. Not stalking by the way just curious to how she has been acting.


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  • LoooL she is a B** so ignore all this she isn't interesting on u and doesn't care if your buddy start ignore her she will move on to someone else.

    • That's the thing tho she didn't do this with him until I started ignoring her. And what about the stalker comment?

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    • Like do you think she did all this for?

    • I don't know @Asker

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