What the hell happened?

Married girl and I became friends at work and used to take the same breaks and talk almost everyday, but she would go missing on me for a while then come back and repeat the process over again? Why?

It made me start ignoring her off and on because I didn't get her. Also, we have a once a month group lunch. When I started she went to every single one pretty much. I started skipping many of them because she had made me jealous flirting wth a buddy of mine in front of me at these lunches. So I skipped most of them for a few months and she basically quit going to them all together for months and months. Randomky going to one when I was out of town and she was sure to let me know about it. Or she'd call in sick to events we'd both be at. Or play with her hair in meetings to see if I was looking and I wasnt. Then she got up and walked out in the middle of the meeting? Why is e doing this stuff?


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  • She had issues, dude. She's using men to build her confidence. That's shitty.

    Leave her alone.

    • I've left her alone but I'd like to be friends now that we work in the same dept. it's just super awkward between us. what was the point of all this?

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    • can you take a stab? I'm curious because it's so weird. I want to figure out if poss because she works with ne

    • I'm not a therapist. It sounds like attention seeking to me, though. Getting up and walking out is a way to make sure that everybody, including you, would look at her. Playing with her hair probably means nothing. I play with my hair when I'm nervous, so I don't see that as a flirtatious move. Ummm... calling in sick to events? I dunno. Maybe she felt guilty because she'd been flirting, but then missed the attention and decided to repeat the cycle.

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  • "Some women are craycray." applies here.

    • Agreed totally. She's def crazy, what the f is she doing this for?

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    • I guess I can't wrap my brain around why she went to this extent on things. When I first started she went cray trying to get my attention then it's all come around to this..

    • It just got out of hand like any other game that goes too far.

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