Advice on this first date?

I've been single for over 2 years now (yes yes I know, it's long but I'm quite picky and apparently, so are the guys I'm meeting, if I meet any at all, lol).
I have a date on Friday with a guy I met online, we're going to the movies. He's single for a few months now and we get along well. We tease, we laugh and all that, but only online so it's a bit tricky on how it'll be in person.
Now I'm usually quite paranoid on dates, I start to assume it's only for sex they're dating me and now this is another case of that. He's not a pervert nor is talking about sex, he asked me once how long I've been single and if I haven't had anybody at all, I said I have and he was like: "Oh good, cuz I've been single for a few months now and I'm having a hard time, haha".
So now I'm kinda wondering and "afraid" if he's just meeting up with me for sex. And if that's the case, if I should do it or not. Advice please?


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  • I'm sorry to tell you but this is the best advice I can give to anyone; just be yourself and stay true to it, if you can do this you'll be just fine. Also, roll with the punches

    • That's good advice though, it's the advice I usually give people when asking me this :) thanks.
      I'm just a bit "worried" though about his intentions and his plans for that evening, not really into sex on the first date since I don't wanna be the "easy date".

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    • Best of luck!

    • Thank you!

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  • First off, I would avoid going to the movies on your first date. You can't even talk. But other than that just be yourself and stop assuming the worst.


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  • If this is a First time date and Online, might I suggest forgetting the picks to be flicks For----First time.
    I say this because I had a first date with someone one time and we didn't end up watching the movie... you both need to concentrate on Getting to know one another, face to face, and decide Then if it is More than the eye meets.
    After your hanging out, perhaps at a little coffee shop or an eatery, open lines of convo will be the determining factor to find out what this newbie has in store.
    Good luck. xx

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