I don't know what we are?

so I like this guy.. and he flirts with me all the time, tells his friends he likes me, he's constantly holding my hand and cuddling me, and one day when i was crying, he cuddled me and said "its okay babe it will all be over soon. I'm right here with you" and he won't ask me out but he won't say we aren't anything. help.


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  • BACK AWAY SLOWLY. I had this happen last year.

    • what do you mean "back away slowly"?

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    • Don't encourage it, and begin to withdraw. to quote Bartok: "this can only end in tears" If he is not willing to say what you are, it is quite possible he is only looking for a nice pair of lips he can have access to.

    • @I-Am-Bored 'tis, 'tisn't it?

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