Ex-fling added me on facebook, what should I do?

There was a guy that I was madly in love with for three years. We saw each other once in a while and we would make-out, but last yearrealized that he didn't care about me because he would always try his best to talk me into having sex with him (which I didn't thank god!). Now, a year later, after we last saw each other, he added me on Facebook in August. I don't understand why he did it. Is he trying to get back in touch with me? Is he hoping he still can get laid? What are his intentions? He hasn't written me so far, and it has been three months! I am really curious about how he is doing, and I do want to write him some time but I don't know what to say? I really want to say something that doesn't make him think that I'm not over him. I need something to say to him just to initiate the conversation (since he's to big of a coward to do it himself).

What should I say? Please help!


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  • It's complicated. From my perspective, I would also go mad if I try all I can do to make my woman or girl aroused and willing to get laid with me and fail. Emotionally it feels insulting. On the other side You tell You was madly in love with him too. This makes my head hurt, because as a man (sorry) I can't understand how that's possible that a woman is wildly in love yet has power to resist any charms to get laid with her love.

    In my experience it was easier to get a woman laid than to have her love in the first place. But that's probably just me.

    If he is still trying to get in touch with You then he is really a masochist and I would rather try to advise him not to do that, if I could :) He obviously really likes You and it's completely natural that he wants also to get laid with You.

    With all that trouble he could probably just find an other girl to get laid if it was not You in his memories.

    As I have been in a similar situation as he seems to be, I tell You this. He probably loves You and want's You but because he was rejected he will probably honor Your choice, but he still wants to know how do You do. Because it is not just a lust for sex like You think, but he probably also cares about You as a person.

    At least that's what was in my own mind in the similar situation.

    In such a case You can write anything You want just make sure You are not insulting his feelings he might still have.


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