Whats wrong with this guy?

This guy and I had a thing off and on for 4 years. He'd stop talking to me after he made me fall for him again everytime and about 6 months ago i he deleted me off everything and I said what's your problem with me why can't we be just friends he said guys and girls can't be just friends and I said fine bye and never attempted to talk to him again. Recently about 2 weeks ago i was hanging out with some friends and we happen to have the same group of friends. He texted them all not to hang out with me and to stay away from me that I'm a loser I'm fat I'm hideous IM going no where with my life. My friends didn't stop talking to me but why did he have to do that? I haven't made any attempt to talk to him I got tired of being unhappy cause of him and did what he wanted and stopped talking to him. Why would he do this. His friends said because I didn't chase after him. But I don't believe that


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  • Bitterness is just a thing.


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