Has he lost interest in me sonce he came to visit?

This guy I was seeing moved away. We diced not to do long distance but we kept in touch every couple of weeks. Anyways, he came down to visit me about a week ago for a week. During that time he acted so sweet making me dinner, breakfast lots of cufdling and taking me out. I felt he was really into me. He was leaving for two weeks to go stay with family and said he was coming back in two weeks for a magic tournament. He said he had a great time with me, I asked if he wanted to see me again when he'd be back and he said of course but he might stay with his friend that he is playing magic with for a bit and then he could see me after. And then he said of course if you don't have a bf by then. Its been a week and he has not texted me. I'm not sure if that's because he lost interest because we never texted that much to begin but he's coming up in a week and he has not told me what he is up to. Althoy g the first time he came to visit he told me twonder days before.


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  • It's likely due to you never texting much prior.


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