What do guys think when they get a "can we talk" text from a ex they really cared about?

I feel like can we talk is the most feared words.

I want to send my ex a text like this but I don't know if he will respond, because I know guys often fear this phrase.

If he really cares will he respond? What things will be going through his mind if I send this.

*side note. I broke it off with him because of he wasn't honest with me.*

I will not text him.

Thank you everyone for your help. You guys are the best. You can still leave your opinion if you like but I have decided to leave the situation and relationship alone.


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  • It solely depends on the girl.
    If it's my GF, then I'm immediately putting walls up & preparing for "the worst." Of course, the majority of the time, this is an overreaction.
    If it's an ex which I'm on good terms with, then it's something that's really bothering them & need advice, help, to vent, or a combination of, & I'll do what I can.
    If it's an ex I don't want anything to do with, I won't even respond.

    • Thank you so much for responding. I don't think we left off on very bad terms I was just upset with him for lying to me and that was the only time I ever got really upset with him. I feel like I just want to talk to him to get some things off my chest and hopefully have him open up to me and tell me why he wasn't honest with me. Do you think there is a good chance he will do that. (We haven't talked in like a week)

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    • I will not reach out to him.

      He has come up to me job and everything this week. (Good thing i wasn't there) After going back and forth with myself about it. I will put it to rest. Thank you so much for all your help.

      I just constantly think about him and I don't want him to think I hate him or anything. I just know I deserve better.

    • I don't blame you. Getting over someone is never easy. I won't say things happen for a reason, but I will say things do tend to work themselves out, in the end. Keep your head up.

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  • He going to think you want to get back together with him, he won't be afraid.

    The only time a guy will be like "Oh Shit", to receiving a text message like "We need to talk" is when they are in a relationship and they think they must of done something wrong.

    Can we talk, is different from We NEED to talk, so as long as you phrase it right, no need to worry!

    • That makes sense thanks! I still have strong feelings for him but I don't want to get back together. He lied about having a baby. (That's huge) but I kinda want closure. He reached out to me about a week ago but I was still upset. Now I feel I'm ready to talk to him. Do you think I should or just leave it alone?

    • I mean, if you really want to talk to him, then why not?

      But, don't be surprised if he thinks you want to get back together. That's the only reason I would leave it alone, he might think you want to get back together.

  • Last Sunday I received thst mail from an old ex..
    We met. She asked me to grant her a $500.- personal short term loan.
    I had to say 'no', of course.

  • I think nothing of it. I just delete the text, block her number, and go on about me day.

    • Aww man. Even if you really liked her. /:

    • No. Once a relationship is over then there's no point in me caring about what and ex does or wants.

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