Two girls interested, but no clue how to choose?

Ok so... i was never popular with the girls and started online dating.
Now all of a sudden i have two girls interested in me, so I'm completely caught of guard. I never had to deal with this before and I have no idea how to choose.
I actually kind of like them both, but they are so different.

One is 3 years older than me, she's very smart, creative and kind. But she's a lot more serious, probably due to her age (25). She scares me a little because i feel like i act more sophisticated around her than i normally would be.
I'm a little bit unsure about her as well, as she already shared well... personal pictures and we haven't even met yet. But i don't know if that's because she feels really comfortable with me or if she's trying to "outdo" the other girl.

The other girl is 4 years younger. She's very kind, outgoing and less complicated. But maybe she's too young to commit to a real relationship, she still has to start college. I feel a bit more at ease with her, probably because i'm older i feel more "superior", but sometimes she feels a bit simple minded (and no that's not a bad thing, but i like things to be a bit interesting if you know what I mean).

Because it's online dating, i haven't met either of the girls yet. And both know that there's another girl interested in meeting me. (I'm honest like that!)
I promised that i'd meet both, because you know IRL things might be completely different than on a chat.
But what if both dates go great...

how do i pick, and maybe more importantly how do i tell the other girl without breaking her heart?


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  • Go on the dates and be honest with the girls that you are dating other women. Make sure to go on a couple of dates with them and pick the one you click more with.


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  • I would say stop telling the girls about each other. Take both of them out at different times to different places. It kind of sounds like the first one just wants to get with you, so if you're looking for more than that, she might not be the best choice. Also, think about if the younger girl's parents would approve of the relationship or not, mainly because it sounds like she's still living at home and the last thing you'd want to do would be to piss off her parents and never be able to see her again. If both dates go great, think about how they would be long-term and see which one you would be most comfortable in front of.

    • Well that is what i thought so as well...
      And when talking with her online... sometimes she hardly responds and just some of her reactions. I once told her that when i get home, i prefer to take my jeans off and put sth more comfortable on like sweatpants. She almost freaked out lol... who doesn't put easier clothes on when they get home for real?
      And she also talks about moving in together in her studio already (but both of us are still studying), and it seems all a bit much. Especially because i've been single for 5 years, and that would suddenly be a lot less freedom for me.

      I just have no clue how to tell this older girl, that I for now prefer the younger one.
      I still have to go on dates with the both of them, and the dates are already planned (this Tuesday & next sunday). So my opinion on them can still change a lot, but i have no clue on how to break the news to either of them.

    • That's kind of weird, it sounds like she's really desperate for a man. I would be as nice as possible and try to be very honest, but if the date with the older girl goes really well and you still dont think you would like to be that serious that fast, just tell her you're not looking for anything serious. If she's still interested, then go on a couple more dates, but if she still seems really serious, just tell her you still would like to talk but you don't feel ready for a relationship

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  • Being serious all the time is not fun. But my biggest opinion to you is stay away from online dating. You never know when you are going to get cat fished. Go out and meet new people, make new friends. You never know who you are going to meet along the way. Be patient and you will find a girl. Trust me, practice makes perfect. Would you rather date someone where you talk online and nothing is physical, OR would you rather meet an awesome girl where you are laughing, holding hands, and being face to face. Think about it!

    • I agree being serious all the time is no fun, that's so not me. I derp a lot.
      And it's not that online dating bothers me, but yes i know catfish and trust me I've done my research. Both girls are from near my area, we have mutual friends or friends of friends. I checked on both of them.

      But it's true, chatting online is completely different. That is why i told them both i wanted to meet them first. Because IRL face-off can be completely different than online.