What is the proper etiquette to follow when making new female friends while you have a girlfriend?

A couple months ago a female friend of mine said she has a friend that I should meet because we'd make a cute couple. I told her sure I'd meet her, but then she never followed through and I never asked about it again.

Now a couple months later I had some friends over to my apartment, including a woman I'm not yet a couple with but have been on numerous dates with in the last month and a half. I also invited my female friend and she also brought the friend she told me about but didn't tell me she was coming.

The friend my friend wanted me to meet apparently though I was really cute and has been asking about me every since. Apparently she was staring at me a lot while at my apartment and was getting mean looks in return from the woman I'm seeing.

My best friend, who is aware of all this, keeps telling me to be open to making new friends, and normally I am, but if this potential friend has been told that we'd make a good couple and has been saying she thinks I'm cute and asking multiple people about me is that a good idea?

I'm just a little concerned about being around women who have obvious romantic interest in me. The woman I've been seeing and I had a serious discussion last week and told me she was strongly considering moving southwest because she hates the weather here and her sister she is roommates with is leaving in a couple months. She said she really likes me and is really struggling with what to do because she had pretty much given up on guys for a while, because they cheated on her, and had decided she was leaving the state.

We agreed that in a month she would need to make a decision, but until then I want to be really careful. I would never cheat on her and I really like her, and I told her, but of course any guy can say that. Shouldn't I be extra cautious? Sometimes I get the impression my best friend doesn't like the woman I'm seeing but I'm not sure, so maybe I should be a bit cautious of his advice?

What should I do?


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  • If you love your girlfriend you will keep girls that are into you at a distance. You can have friends that are girls, but if they are asking about you constantly, flirting even though they know you are in a relationship it is best to stay away from them. It is a respect and boundaries thing.


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