What do his insults mean? Guys opinions needed!?

Dated this guy for a month. He was pretty intense in the beginning and then backed off for a week while I tried to continue communication. He was stressed with new job and friend death so I forgave his distance. He finally offered to get together with me tomorrow, after I pick up my things from my exes place (broke up a while ago but it was next to his home).

From the second I saw him, he was acting like a cold, uninterested, tired jerk. Asked about my ex and then bragged about how he was going to Vegas and getting a new car and all this stuff to make it seem like he was so busy and cool. He hardly seemed interested but he was so cheery the night before and asked ME out!

At his house later that night he said to me, "when you make as much money as me, you'll understand" I was so insulted by this I got up and went to bed and didn't talk to him. He came upstairs and tried to apologize but said it's because, "I don't think he does anything." I don't know what this means! I told him I've never said that and tried to talk to him and open up to him about his silence that week, and he just kept blowing me off or laughing at me.

So I went to the guest room and he followed me in. Tried to talk to me but I said there's nothing to talk about.

The next morning he hardly interacted with me so I asked if he had time in his life to date me and he said he's not looking for anything serious right now, that he's sorry he moved things so quickly, that he wants to continue to talk to me, and maybe in the future sonething could get serious. He thanked me for coming and seemed to try to be nice to me when I left. I was very cold to him and said I don't want to just hang out with someone.

Two days after I sent him a text clarifying that I would be open to getting to know him more and asked for him to be honest etc. haven't heard from him in 2 days but he always processes stuff. Why do you think he invited me out if he wasn't very nice? Why is he mean?


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  • Classic bitterness.

    • About what? He is divorced, or is he mad about me seeing my ex?

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    • Can you explain why he sounds bitter? Just wondering why I should move on

    • I cannot. He is the only source of his true bitterness and behavior.

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  • I think he believes you get offended too easily and doesn't want to deal with somebody who could drop him later on.

    • Oh, that's fair enough. Most of it was really offensive though and I figured he was just blowing me off by telling me he didn't want anything serious. What should I do?

    • He's already decided that he doesn't want to date you. Unless he changes his mind, there isn't much you can do.

    • Ouch! He was the one who said he wanted to continue what we had and was really nice when I left. I basically told him no, so texted him to clarify that I can do that. Guess there's nothing I can do now but I don't think I was being unreasonable