Why do I always feel like I'm never good enough for girls?

Basically what it says above. I'm not bad looking and I've a good sense of humour but I suppose I'm pretty self conscious and find it hard to take praise. I don't do it for attention it's just I never go for it with girls because I always think that they could do better than me. Please help if you have had this problem. Thanks


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  • For one you answered your question you said "i FEEL I'M NEVER" this type of attitude is what is a chain reaction for the way you approach girls and most importantly yourself. To me a guy with confidence is very impressive to me he has to be confident in himself if he lacks that I lose interest. You have to ask yourself what qualities do you have that are awesome. Than if you have to everytime you want to approach a girl you like first see her as if she's just a friend that way it'll seem less pressure on you and accept all outcomes so it will boost your confidence. Try to make eye contact and a sense of humor is nice as well.. but for now just work on seeing a person you like as a friend as if you are just talking normally to a person and trust me it makes it easier


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  • One of the most unattractive qualities a guy can have is one of the following:
    1. Have too much confidence
    2. Having none.

    It's important to love your self enough before you can do the same for someone else. No girl, or guy even, wants to be with someone they ALWAYS have to compliment just because they have no self-confidence. Seriously, learn to love yourself and then the girls they ill be flockin.

    • i was gonna come at you for #1, then i read it again and saw it said OVER-confidence lol.. and @Asker, she speaks the basic truth. but i know the steps to help. (having done it before, a few times)

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  • I did when i had acne... eons ago. seems like you took a blow to the esteem/ego there... did you ever have an abusive gf or someone thats always putting you down? lets start there, because there are many ways to cure this but the first step is to identify why...

    • I think it comes from a lot of rejection... probably from going for girls that were either out of my league or I just read signs wrong. I find it hard to trust anyone now and even if I know they like me there's always something in the back of my head saying that I'll somehow mess it up.

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    • Ya you're right... but how do I build confidence after years of feeling like this.. I'm 28 now and feel like all my mates are either travelling with their girlfriends or settling down.

    • thats a deep rooted problem that has to be worked on from the root problem,(which is you) then the why (which we will come to) then the solution, and after that, practice, practice practice. PM me.

  • Projecting the mindset that you aren't good enough for anyone is just going to make a lot of women agree with you.

    Appreciate the good things about you and work on the bad things. Eventually you won't feel so shitty about yourself.