How do I make this less awkward?

Hey so thanks for reading this.
I suddenly just got really jealous that my girlfriend's still talking to her ex. She told me about it because she said I deserved to know. She told me she has completely no more feelings for him and only sees him as a friend. I know this sounds okay but I'm worried you know. I requested that she stops talking to him gradually but she explained she will inadvertently talk to him since they have the same circle of friends. She has assured me that she knows her limits and won't cross that boundary. Should I be okay with this already? Like allow a little talking but trust her that she wouldn't cross the boundary or? She said she will still treat him as a friend tho. I'm perfectly fine with that.
Also. Uhm we talked about this yesterday night. So I kinda wanted to lessen the awkwardness today like remove the serious atmosphere. Or is that fine? If its not may I have some suggestions on how to make it less heavy hearted?
Thanks you all! :D


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  • You don't have to worry. She is being quite honest with you. Don't let some thoughts affect your relationship, unless there is something real. You just have to explain to her that what you did/said was just our of love.

  • I think the fact that she told you voluntarily makes it safe to say that she is being honest with you and how you're feeling is actually okay. today, just keep things light, don't bring it up, and let it fizzle down.


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