Getting over being cheated on?

I'm in college. I had a very pretty girlfriend. Our relationship was good in some ways, needed some work in others. We ended up breaking up. I found out the next day she had cheated on me. At first I was angry, and embarrassed. Now that a few weeks have passed, the angers gone, I actually miss her. And it feels way worse than the anger did. I'm letting it affect me in a lot of ways, and my confidence has taken a major hit. I'm so conflicted with emotions. I know I shouldn't want to get back with her, and I've told her I don't. But I miss her. Bad. Part of me still wants to be angry. But I've told her I'm not mad anymore. I'm not the type of guy to hold grudges, but I feel like being a nice guy about it is almost justifying her decision. I've just never felt weaker as a man, and like I said, my confidence is gone. I truly treated her great. She and all of her friends made sure to tell me that. I just don't know. It's situation I never imagined finding myself in, and it's really hard to figure out what to do.


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  • Time. It sounds cheesy as fuck, but seriously. I've never been the most confident, and after it happened to me... Well.
    For the first month or so, down as hell. Not angry or anything, but whenever I was alone, I just felt a bit empty and kept thinking about it. After we cut contact 3 months later, it got better, sort of. It was worse in ways, but inevitably a big step in moving forward.
    Now it's been a year and a bit, and honest, whilst I haven't jumped into a relationship, or really done anything with guys, attention is nice. And even though you know sometimes it's a bit superficial and not of substance, it still does a bit to boost you to just get out there, and get some compliments, or numbers or whatever.

    Allow yourself to be bummed a bit. It's normal. Cut contact eventually. Find someone else, or a few more, to entertain the idea of you being a potential until you're ready to actually entertain that idea yourself, which admittedly may take time, but I'm sure will come eventually.


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