First date activities......why movies?

I notice a lot of girls in the Reality Check section under "Would You Date Me?" select going to the cinema as a place they want to go.

Since the point of a first date is to establish a connection between two people on previously unknown level between them, and all forms of communication are vital to that process, I'd like those of you that view the cinema as a good first date locale to explain why you're reaching that conclusion.

While an argument can be made that you can still talk during a movie, the fact remains that things like body language and eye contact are lost during a movie, and those things are vital on a first date for people who are essentially strangers on a personal and intimate level.

So why is it you want to go to the movies on a first date if it's destructive to the process of connecting?


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  • I think a movie works for many people precisely because you have a balance between things, and a first date can often be awkward or rather intense without that. At a movie, you can spend time together in a dark room, but it's not physically intimate (well, most of the time!). You can chat before and after, but there's not the pressure of keeping up a conversation for three hours non-stop. Plus, the fact that you are viewing a film together gives you a shared experience to talk about afterwards. And if you find you don't get along all that well, there's the film to distract you! Plus, it's easy, it's relatively cheap, and it just gives you a chance to do a little bit of hanging out before you leap into a big restaurant meal where you will be getting to know each other much better.

    Of course, if you already know the other person quite well through school or work, it's a bit rubbish for the same reasons as outlined above! Personally, I HATE dating precisely because of that awkwardness and difficulty. I love films, but I have only ever been to the movies with established boyfriends.


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  • I like taking girls to movie because of a few things. First you automatically are sitting very closely. Secondly, for somebody who isn't that smooth, its not somewhere that a lot of talking happens. Trust me you will appreciate that. Thirdly its dark so you can relax a bit. You know how some guys always flex when girls come by. No need to do that with her there. Also it may make the girls more comfortable because its middle ground. If you took a girl to your house the first day, it would be uncomfortable for the girl. Plus my generation (under 18) don't go out to dinner. Your generation though that fine. Just go to lunch, its shorter so you have an exit plan if things don't go so hot.