So I got annoyed with this girl at bar and hit on her gf's they liked it now what?

I've seen this blonde girl and her gf's at local country bar a few times now. I've tried to talk to her but haven't had much success so far. I have a really hard time determining her level of interest as she definity has noticed me but she 's been acting all weird around me and last night she was dancing with this other guy and I got annoyed. her gf 's were also there and somehow they were suddenly dancing beside me when she was with this other guy and I like hit on them and made it obvivous I was also interested in them not just her. they seemed to enjoy the sudden attention and maybe jealous I had liked other girl and think the one likes me , I think original girl got all annoyed over this as she seemed to just disappear yet her 2 gf's were still there and left together.
anyways I don't know if I should bother trying to talk to them again or if there just trouble or if they only liked me cause they were jealous I liked other girl and wanted the same level of attention


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  • Pick one of the girls who danced with you and hope she likes you. The girl with the other guy likely isn't intrrested.


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  • honestly, I don't think they cared about you all that much, you were just a guy to dance with.

    • yeah but they had seen me before and knew I was interested in other girl and not them I think they were jealous I liked her , I don't think they cared much either but they were attracted to me enough to do that , a girl wouldn't come like rate beside a guy if she wasn't interested

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