This girl I am seeing had an ex pass away and?

well we have just recently started seeing each other, and we were having problems or at least I was with her, she wouldn't talk to me and she would barely see me. I could see it in her eyes, body language, and the way she kisses me that she likes me a lot.
so 2 days ago I told her "look you barely talk to me and it is hard if not impossible to see you so I dont think this is going to work out" she never sent a reply. so today I can tell that she is trying a lot more to talk to me and I told her I really appreciate her effort a bunch, but then she also told me that a year ago today her ex died in a car wreck.
She still loves him but she told me that she needs to keep it her past. Is this a good sign for me? and also what can I do about this I told her I know i can never ever replace her ex, but I am still here now and all I want to do is make her happy. I don't know when she told me she still loves her ex but he isn't here anymore because he passed away it really scares me I dont want to loose her. What can I do


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  • It's normal for her to feel sad about remembering how she felt about him.. if it happened not that long ago she's coping with it.. all you really can do is what you are already doing which is be there for her in every way show her you truly care for her and thinking of her.. find ways to surprise her with flowers, cute personalized notes.. etc.. the more she thinks of you the easier it'll become for her.. dnt feel you have to compare yourself to who he once was but be you.. she already chose you now personalize it

    • Thank you for MHO hope all worse the best for you :)

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  • Pat her on the back. Can't do anything other than be there. That's just how death goes.

    • I understand what you saying kind of a silly question now that i think about it. I dont know why I feel like this. Like I can see she is making a huge effort in trying to keep me, and I can be honest I haven't been to easy on her. Like I dont do anything bad but text her a lot to try to get her to talk to me, and she has put up with it all which amazes me, and just recently she has really started to talk to me a lot after she told me about her ex, but I still feel threatened i might loose her

    • I understand you. However if you are concerned about this you need to make yourself less of a burden on her in this time. That is the best support you can give. Do what you can to ease the stress in other ways.