Girl at work has asked me out! Date or not?

So I work at a supermarket, recently got a promotion and things are looking good. I'm now actively looking for a relationship and I've got a few girls in mind that I'm talking too etc.

there's one girl who works in the same supermarket but a different department as me who I've started talking too frequently in work, just general chit chat etc which has turned quite playful and teasing the past few days I believe. I was 80% sure on asking her out but just wanted to talk to her at work a bit more before starting anything and making sure she was interested in me. I know how bad a workplace relationship can be if all doesn't go well.
However, today she brought up that she's getting two free tickets to a gig this Saturday from her uncle and has asked me if I want to go. I accepted but now wondering did she ask me out on a date or just a casual friend thing?
Just surprised really, I've spent my time preparing and chasing girls, being the man yet I've just been asked out by a girl I like.



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