Girls, would you want the other woman to tell you your boyfriend cheated?

This guy I know used me to cheat on the girl he was seeing. Apparently they had an agreement to be together, but I didn't know until after the sex. He said he wouldn't tell her.

I want to know if a girl would want to hear it from the girl that got used (and didn't knowingly help him cheat) or from someone else who knows and is protecting that girl and letting you know at the same time.

  • You tell her
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  • Your friend tells her
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  • Do nothing
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  • It does not matter how you tell her, it is a good thing to let her know you did not know. The reason is self respect.

    Cheating is a lie at a very high level. Think how much effort goes into hurting everyone for a few minutes of pleasure.

    Remember it takes two to cheat.
    Women make it very easy for guys to cheat, you give away sex very easy and believe what ever the guy says when you need to ask one question, How many girls are claiming this idiot?


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  • Why would you want to tell her? Just to get even with the guy? (That's not good enough reason.)

    If for any other reason: why did you help him cheat? Saying you didn't know isn't much of an excuse.

    • He shouldn't of cheated, so all out comes is his own fault.

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    • Hell hath no fury...

      You just sound very angry (and opportunistic) to me.

      I can understand your need to blame him alone though.

    • I mean, I'm mad. Obviously I'm hurt. But I care about him still because we had a good friendship I thought. I can see how deeply he cares about a lot of people and that he feels awful about hurting her (not sure how he feels about hurting me, or if he's even aware). I don't want him to hurt, but I couldn't sit there idly while she dates someone who might cheat on her again. I would want someone to tell me, I just felt it right that she know.

What Girls Said 4

  • I was cheated on. and I wish that after the girl he cheated on me with found out he had a girlfriend told me about what happened.
    But instead she was okay with it and now they are together. And for that.. She is a low-down bitch and he is.. Pathetic.

  • You tell her, explain you didn't know she existed, and then you leave him.

  • I tried that once it didn't work out but then again it was through facebook. I think he lied to her which is a shame because he is gonna always do it to her.

    • I'm not sure how else to contact her but through Facebook. I only know her by name. We go to different universities.

    • Hopefully she'll listen. I don't think it's a wrong thing to do especially since he didn't bring her up in the first place.

    • I told her. I sent a message this morning. I just hope that she sees it before she gets too emotionally involved. Because we're not Facebook friends, I worry it'll go into her "other" box instead of her inbox and she just won't see it.

  • This was a good poll, I needed to know that too :)