Does he like me, or am I just another girl?

So i like this guy and we were hanging out with friends and well Like we eere somewhat kinda holding hands and he asked me to sit with him and he was sitting really close so that we could kinda sorta hold hands and like he was using me as a pillow and omg i got so confused cuz i dodnt think he liked me but then a question came to mind, he's a hug heart throb and he flirts with a lot of girls and i have only heard him flirt like this to 1 girl but we go to diffent highschools and ugh.

by the way please dont give me the focus of school crap i hear it enough.

Nevermind he doesn't like me. Welcome to my life everybody... thanks anyway


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  • He probably likes you. Flirt back and see how he reacts

    • Nevermind it has been confirmed, he doesn't like me but thank you for the advice anyway

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