Why do people stereotype blacks dating white girls?

Like if a white girl dates a black guy they automatically think they are failures or using drugs


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  • Because those people are immature and obviously don't understand what they are talking about


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  • Its just a matter of dumb fucks pissing off dumb fucks. Its those racist black guys who use white women just to get at whites who are racist and insecure enough to take it personally, who then start to overgeneralize and actually lobby against interracial dating. So that's basically a stereotype perpetuated by the shittiest elements of both races. I know I rarely see whites get mad about latinos or Asians dating white women, unless they're those really curmudgony old fucks who were alive and of voting age back when jim crow was a thing. I also never see latino dudes acting cynical and uppity to whites about their dating white women. It all stems from this hapless notion that race even plays into a persons personality, and that we aren't all individuals with complexities that subceed our ethnic origins and skin tones. As long as those wastes of human organs are walking around and as long as people who castigate them are demeaned as 'lame' or deluded, this is going to be a problem.