In what ways do women have it WORSE when dating?

Can you think of any examples where women have the dating game harder?


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  • There are advantages and disadvantages that can be talked about, but as to whoever has it harder really depends on the individual and how that individual's values coincide with the culture. This is under the assumption that genetic abnormalities and other deformities are universally disadvantageous.

    Here are 3 examples.

    3. There are women who abide by old religious marital customs and have no say in who they marry. Dating is not even a question really. You either marry your chosen partner or be disowned. Strangely, when you grow up under these conditions it suddenly doesn't seem like ethnocentric, dogmatic bullying because it's the norm. Still, I find this reprehensible. In more secularized societies the rituals are less strict however still narrow.

    2. Women on dating websites have a disadvantage. Yes, as a guy who scorns online dating due to a lack of success, I will concede that volume doesn't equate to quality. Online, guys operate at the mercy of their hormones and dating websites are window displays of dopamine-inducing novelty. The common involuntary question that goes through the majority of our minds is "how long do I have to talk to this girl before I get to fuck her?" It's an entirely superficial environment and these are the results of actions unburdened by real consequences. Who can be trusted?

    1. Many women have been brainwashed by fairy tale propaganda (Disney, religion, etc). Not all, perhaps. Maybe not even most. But some good percentage of women hold their ideal standards on par with the valiant knight in shining armor, the honorable man who rises above the dirty, putrid pigs and embodies the true meaning of love. I'm not going to say that this type of man doesn't exist, but I will say that if he does, he isn't going to kick the door down and sweep you off your feet. You won't meet him grinding against you on the dance floor. He requires patience to unveil himself. The disadvantage? You're probably not good enough for him.


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  • im glad im a guy honestly. women have to deal with unwanted advances, awkward approaches, turning men down, they have to find a way to show they are interested in guys (i can't imagine thats when guys are pretty bad with signals), have to wait around for a guy they like to ask them.. all this assuming u mean like typical dating methods, girls can do what ever they want thats just speaking traditionally.

    • I wasn't the downvoter but I really, really hate the principle of begging and choosing. We take action to get what we want, right? I'm not arguing the idea, it's a reality in our culture. It's okay for a woman to die waiting rather than initiate. It's a stupid reality that undermines the progress women have made since the dawn of our species.

    • I don't know dude if a guy dosnt feel like dating he can just ignore the whole thing it's constantly in a chick's life because she dosnt choose. If a guy wants he can approach every girl in the city and take his pick of any positive responses. Each gender has its advantages in the dating game you just gotta abuse the shit out of ur advantages to get what you want

  • I'm outa of it now but answer I'll try

    Women aren't men, they're like men but the 'wo' changes everything

    Go up to a girl say "WOOOO !" if she says it back that's true love

  • Girls have to be the ones that reject guys who approach, although that's not really hard to do. Some girls always make it awkward but you can just say "i'm not interested if you're looking for a relationship or a hookup"

    So I don't know really. Girls have it a lot better in my opinion. Don't even have to approach or impress. Just look pretty and smile around at guys. Not hard.

  • The biggest is dealing with creeps, guys who wouldn't take no, and awkward guys. Also, fakers, the player.

    Others are waiting for the right guy; you got to figure out how to get his attention. Other cases the girl waits and he never approaches.

  • Hmm.. well... um...

    Nope, can't think of a single way that women have it worse.

  • No, not at all. Guys are expected to ask the women out, pay for everything on the date.

  • They dont have it harder.. The hardest thing is to do is approach, the mans job. You women are in the driver's seat

  • no ways at all they have it easy

  • They get asked out, they don't have to pay for dates, they don't have to have confidence, they don't have to act 1,000% unfazed by rejection, and they decide if there is going to be a 2nd date, a relationship , sex yep women have it so bad.

    • Its funny how women are downvoting the truth.

  • No, not really.

  • 1. Approached by creeps who can't accept no.

    2. The onus of acceptance based on social status.

    3. A general standard of being considered receptive and inferior.


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  • 1. Getting unwanted advances
    2. Having to reject someone nicely.
    3. Some guys have to know WHY they are being rejected. But then they don't like your reasons and get angry.
    4. If we do decide to say yes, and give guys a chance, we're labeled as whores.
    5. If we don't give guys a chance, we're labeled as bitches.
    6. When we do choose someone, who we choose, we will get shit for it no matter what.
    -If he's ugly or uglier than the girl, it's assumed she's with him for money.
    -If he's good looking or better looking, it's assumed he's a douche and "all women go for hot jerks"
    -If he isn't working. "Women always go for losers."
    -If he has a job. "Women are golddiggers and use men for money.
    7. If I pay for the date, or I insist, I get labeled as a "stupid feminist".
    8. If he pays for the date, I get labeled as "a stupid hypocrite feminist that only wants men for money."
    9. If the woman does try to initiate, or make the first move, it's assumed she's "easy" or wants sex only.
    10. We have to find a delicate balance of not asking a guy out, so we won't be perceived as easy, but still make it obvious only to him that we are interested.

    It's easier for women to get sex. Or a bunch of dates. But the quality of the date will be affected. I go for quality, not quantity. Some guys think it's a numbers game. But I know for me personally, it's not about all those numbers, only "the one". Quality over quantity.

    • Hold on wait a moment. What you described, is this true? You ladies get called all this names just because you accept/reject him? Or while you are dating him you still get the labels? By the description above sounds like you've gone through a lot of crap from guys.

  • Well men just have to worry whether or not a woman will say no, women have to worry that this man could be one of the few who thinks he's owed sex, dehumanizes her and tries to rape her. Have you seen some of the tinder messages guys have sent when they were told sorry I changed my mind and would prefer not to date you, it's terrifying.

    • What are they like? I've never used dating websites

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    • If she changes he mind and doesn't date them she's a whore. Most of the posts I've seen assume that because they said they find her attractive she owes them sex or they'll send a dick pic. Then if she says wait hold up I want to actually get to know/date the guy before we get freaky then she's seen as a slut and bitch. I know not all guys are like this but there are enough cocky ones that are and most good guys/the majority of guys are too sweet to just go up to a girl and do want a relationship first but are too nervous about being rejected.

    • @albundyfan yes risking getting raped everytime we agree to a date is the only downside and we should be grateful that rape isn't a big deal. WTF you can't be serious. The reason guys are afriad of prison is the same reason women are afraid to go anywhere, including the bathroom, by themselves.