What are the rules to coffee dates?

I'm not sure that this actually qualifies as a 'date'. It's more of an encounter...
We met on tinder a couple of days ago and now we're meeting for coffee. We had trouble working with our class schedules and so we settled on around 7pm. Awkward?

I have a couple of concerns...
Who pays?
If he asks me what I'll be taking, do l say "No it's fine, i can get it" or just let him pay?
Should I order before or after him?
Should I show up on time/before him and order and make sure we have seats? Or let him show up first? (Note that the shop is around my campus and he'll be coming there)
Do I hug him when I greet him?

Thanks !

  • At least tell him that you can pay for your coffee
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  • Automatically let him pay for your coffee if he asks
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  • Who pays? You do for your coffee, he pays for his.
    If he asks what you're taking? Offer to get it, if he insists, let him. You can try offering him the money in cash if you like after he's paid (I pay for most stuff with my card)
    You should order before, I would tell the girl to go first anyway.
    Show up at the appointed time. Whoever gets their first, gets seats.
    Hug? Up to you. Maybe at the end of the date, if it's gone okay?

    The last coffee date I went on, I got there first, ordered, secured a table. She came in, dropped off her stuff, went and got her drink, then joined me at the table.

    • Thank you !! Simple and logical.

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  • pay your own way if he insists then buy him something next date


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  • i always bring up paying for myself once, and if he inssists after that i thank him for being lovely xxx but its always nice to at least offer once :)