Why is the guy that I'm sort-of-dating not talking to me?

I've been seeing this guy that I really like and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way. We're not exclusively dating cos he's never actually asked me out or talked about being in a relationship. We haven't known each other very long but we've kissed a few times and we normally talk online or by text for hours at a time. Lately though, he hasn't been talking to me at all and bailed on plans that we had arranged last week. I'm afraid that he's losing interest, which sucks cos I really like the guy.

Am I just being an idiot and over thinking this whole situation? We do actually have exams coming up and he may just want to study but sometimes I see he's on Facebook and doesn't talk to me. What does this mean and why do guys do this?


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  • You could ask him what's up if you see him in person. Ask if he wants to get lunch maybe? Because that's easy and won't take out much time, if he's been too busy because of studying.

  • Yes unfortunately he's probably losing interest because you have not told your true feelings to him so he doesn't know he thinks you're probably out there doing other guys in which case if you aren't you should let him know that otherwise she's going to go out and find another girl that is willing to share true feelings and get into a relationship


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