Why does my ex says it's "easy and comes naturally" when we meet again? Does/did he start falling?

Met with my ex to have lunch recently. I broke up with him because of commitment issues. I know he cares/cared because I see it in his eyes and the way he acts protectively over me. Yes I still have feelings, but I know what I did was the best thing to do. He needs to figure his shit out. Well at this lunch we talked for hours (first meeting since the break up) and had lunch and dessert which he paid for (yes I insisted on splitting). When I'm near him I feel so good and happy and I really like to look at him. He knows my little quirks and I know his. He pointed these things out when they happened at lunch. He brung up things we'd done or things he remembers I like/don't like. I guess I'm just wondering why he couldn't commit to me if it seems like he is/was really into me?


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  • he wasn't into you, he just knew a lot about you. the rest, is just you trying to convince yourself
    --"i know he cared"
    --"he acts protectively"
    --"he paid"
    --"he brung up"
    Just by reading your question I know a lot about you, does that mean Im into you too? go with your previous instinct, you thought it was the best thing to do, so don't renege now...


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