What can I do to meet girls?

Hey I have never had a girlfriend in my life. Really don't know what to do anymore. Extremely depressed all the time. Also I don't have any friends either. Really in my whole life I have only had one friend, and as of recent he has stopped talking to me because he has a pretty bad drug problem. Just don't get whats wrong with me. Personally I don't think I am ugly, I work out, and I'm tall 6'2. Yes I understand it's not all about outer appearance but I am nice, and never rude to anyone. Also I am not a push over either. I just don't get what girls want. So many girls get beat, cheated on by their boyfriends and stay with them but somehow I can't get a girlfriend. When I would never do anything like that. My questions is how can I approach girls, Where is a good place to go to meet girls. Also I am not looking for sex I just want someone to actually like me for who I am thanks.


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  • Girls can tell if you are confident or not. So gain some confidence and then just go to school and flirt with a girl you kind of know. It's just in the way you carry yourself. :)

  • confidence is key. If you walk up to a girl and are all nervous they would know. and life is not all about relationships. try to find hobies, extra activities that you are interested in because this will also help you get girls. It would give you something to talk about , common activites might also be a good way to meet girls.
    so relax and stop trying too hard, that is also a turn off.
    I dont know how old you are, but there is a lot of time to actually get a good relationship. It sounds like you need a friend more than a girl.


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