So My crush likes my best friend?

So my crush likes my best friend. So here is how it all start, i like this guy , he is really closed to me but he turned out to like my best friend. It was so awkward because i told my best friend i like him. My crush and I Skype mostly everyday so he told me that he really really like my bestfriend , he really likes her. He talks about how she is nice trustworthy he talks about the way she talk and smile and walk. He said he would be really sad if she doesn't like him back. I want him to be happy so i told my bestfriend that i am over him so she won't feel guilty but i am not really over him. It is really hard for me to get over him since i see him everyday in class. He told me im one of his closest friend so he is always around me talking to me teasing me and everything. They were flirting right infront of me , i dont blame them but it hurts quite a lot. What should i do? How can i forget him? Thanks a lot if you can answer me


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  • U have nothing to forgive. This happens in life just because u have a crush in him doesn't make him. yours. he will have been crushing on your friend at the same time. Life would be great if everyone we wanted just fell for us in the same way but it rarely happens like that until u find the one your meant to be with.


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  • No matter how you slice the not so sweet cake, sweetie, he only sees you as is 'Closest friend.' I find you a good sport, not a sore one to boot, however, I am getting a sour ball about Them both on the other end of where I am sitting, For------They were flirting right infront of me.
    Regardless if you and him Never got together, I find your so-called 'Bestfriend' Not to be true blue but a fair weather friend instead. She knew you were chummy, even going face to face on Skype and even if you practically handed him over to her on a silver platter, she should have taken your feelings, no matter what you told her, into consideration that he was on your plate First... end of discussion.
    It's hard to believe that he couldn't see how you felt and if he did, he still rambled on about Your bestie bud and never even gave it a selfish thought that the girl on the other end of the cam was one who had feelings too.
    Keep it lite and semi sweet with them both. Keep them at arm's length... stay off the internet with him... you deserve to be in better company... the mirror has two faces.
    Good luck. xx

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