My ex bf's girl friend hates me?

so I broke up w my bf. now he's dating someone else but I wonder why his new gf hates me so much? She basically runs away from me whenever she sees me. I am not being nice to her since my break up was pretty messy. But I am not mean either whenever she sees me around she either text my ex bf to come stay w her or just runs away. She doesn't even say hi to me which I do she almost acts like I'd punch her in the face or something. it's so annoying !!! she makes me super uncomfortable!!! it almost looks like she does that on a purpose which is annoying. my ex and I aren't even friends so she has no worry about anything going on between me and him. Since he started dating her. he is still mad at me. Why does she even care about me? is she just a bitch? Should I keep being nice to her? feel like she talks bad about me to my ex so he hates me even more now?

he started to dating her when he was still mad at me. And she pretty much comfort him during that time that's how they started.


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  • No doubt he will have filled her head with what a nasty horrible bitch u are. I'm not saying u are one but he isn't likely to have said nice things about u so her judgement is clouded by what he has told her

    • that's really funny cause she is the evil one actually haha she doesn't even have any friends which I do have bunch. No body likes her at work actually hates her haha cause she's only nice to my ex bf and he thinks that's what she is!!! I don't care whatever she is or they are dating but I hope one day he'd know how manipulator she is. Haha so funny young girls are crazy!!!

    • Haha that's the spirit just move on let them realise it for themselves. Don't let it bother u and if she's running away from u then that's better than her bugging u

  • ".. but I wonder why his new gf hates me so much" - coz you used to be with her bf! Simples!
    She needs to grow up.


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