Guys!!! What would u do if u are on first date with woman u like and out of nowhere her bff asks u guys to sit next to her and her boyfriend?

You guys are at the movies your date u like is with u and her bestfriend invites u guys to sit with her and her boyfriend? How would u feel if her bff's boyfriend proposes in front of you guys? Have u ever been in that situation before? Men only please :)

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  • was this a double date to begin with? and then they eventually proposed in our presence? not much I can do but act happy lol.

    • Lol nope it wasn't a double date initially it just turned in to one bc her bff invited u guys to sit with them.

    • funny how we would end up in the same place lol. well I would try to bump in and be like, "oh we gotta be over here real soon" and try to move on with our date.

    • Lmao u know thats actually sounds like a good idea very smooth especially if the friend isn't pushy about u guys staying.

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What Guys Said 2

  • If her friend imposed herself on our date, my impression would be that her friend is incredibly fucking rude. If the woman I'm out with didn't immediately decline, that'd be my impression of her as well. If she went along with it, I would put forth a mild objection, and if she insisted, then I wouldn't object further, but that would probably be the last date we went on.

    Especially if I wound up being drug into somebody else's fucking marriage proposal. I don't fucking know these people, and they don't know me. Find a more appropriate time and place to do that shit.

  • That sounds horrifying.

    • Why?

    • Being involuntarily part of something you didn't even plan for which steals the limelight from your highlighted time together?

    • This is true lol I see your point of view

What Girls Said 1

  • Not a guy, but I as recently reading something along these lines. The guys were not pleased to be sharing a first romantic date with other people, and a few said "deal beaker" Not sure what the majority of guys here think, but I found this so co-incidental that you asked this the day after I read it that I wanted to share the general consensus from that article Dang if I recall where it was, though, sorry.

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