Im pretty sure this girl isn't into me, but I need a second opinion?

I asked this girl that I have a crush on out to coffee, and we went over the weekend. We talk a lot when we see each other in class, and we text sometimes. We were talking to one another the whole time time and laughing a lot. We walked back to the library, and we both had to leave. When I said that I had a lot of fun, and her response was, "yeah, thanks for the coffee by the way". Admittedly we were in a quite part of the library, but still I'm pretty sure she doesn't have any feelings for me. Any thoughts?


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  • Don't you just hate not knowing where you stand with a woman? It sucks. But that's also what makes dating AWESOME!

    The mystery is what keeps her in your thoughts and makes it FUN to interact with her... it turns us guys into hardcore detectives seeking clues.

    From what you've said it definitely sounds like she's interested. But here's my thoughts:

    1) It doesn't matter if she's into you. A woman's feelings take time to heat up, like a huge pot of water. You can't expect a pot to boil the second you sit it on the stove, and you can't expect a girl to fall in love over a few coffee's. It takes time and patience, so relax.

    2) If she's a pot of water then you have to add the heat in order to make her boil. The heat is a combination of fun and romantic escalation. Basically you need to interact with her more so that she associates feeling good with time spend with you. You do this with good conversation, flirting, laughing, sharing stories, sharing secrets, and slowly adding more and more touch (physical contact.)

    In a practical way this is basically dating... go out together, spend time alone, share a laugh, and touch.

    I like to always hug my female friends hello and good bye, and since I always do this they expect it, and are very comfortable with it. This is a great way to start escalating the physical touch. With your goal being a good make-out. Know what I mean?

    Too many guys get hung up on looking for signs or signals from a girl. Here's how you test if she's interested... escalate. If she follows you then she's still interested.

    If you invite her to spend time with you, and she does, then you're in. When she chooses not to spend time with you, then you're out.


    I hope this helps?

    ~ Robby

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  • That's hard to tell. Coffee can be considered just friends. Do you think your conversations are only friend conversations? Ask her to do some more date like and see what she says


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  • Why not try asking her out for a second time?

  • You're right, she's not.