Is it wrong that I didn't ask a girl's number because I wanted sex from her?

Met this cute girl, totally hit it off, but I instantly knew I didn't want a relationship with her.

I probably only wanted to take her out and have sex. Because I had no relationship interest, I didn't ask for her number.

Guys, don't give me too much grief :) but was that right to do?


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  • Well... if you wanted only sex but you believed she wanted a relationship, then yes, you did the right thing.

    • We talked for 5 minutes..

    • That's no an issue at all. If sex is all you want, there are several ways to get it. But if its a relationship, you need to work really hard for it.
      So yeah, you did the right thing.

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  • Your a good guy.. but how do you know she didn't want the same?

    • I have no idea... I did find her on Linkedin/Facebook, should I reach out to her?

    • Mmm nah move on. You were only interested in her for sex, and it was all an in the moment. Reaching out to her now would make her think your interested in something more..

What Guys Said 2

  • you did the right thing buddy, in my book. other guys might call you a dumbass hahaa.

  • Did you actually want to have sex with her, or no? Or are you just assuming she's not interested in that?

    • Not at the moment. I thought nice, cute girl.

      I'm assuming.

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