Does he still love me and want to be with me?

I'm tired of thinking my bf doesn't love me anymore. We have been dating for a little over a year. I moved in with him shortly after dating. He is the one that asked me. I have asked why he wanted me to move in so soon. And he said because he loved me and he thought I'd go to the bar if I lived in town. Because before we started dating I was a wild one at the bar. Ha.
But anyways he can be a jerk sometimes which it just runs in the family cuz his dad's side is like that. But he can also be a sweetheart. Ever since our one year anniversary things seemed to change. We fight more mainly due to me because I am one that likes to talk about things but he doesn't. We also don't have sex much anymore. We use to have it almost every night and now it's like 1-2 times a week. I have trust issues and am insecure due to my past. But also insecure because of my bf.
He gets turned on by other girls easily. It's not a full hard on but I can tell he's starting to get one just by how he acts.
He doesn't want to do it much anymore
I feel he is not attracted to me anymore. He told me one night we were arguing about not doing it thay I don't even try to turn him on.
He can be a flirt. Which he says I just think he is because I don't trust him completly.
He has talked shit to his friends saying I smell.
But yet he tells me he loves me and wants to be with me forever. Sometimes when we are laying in bed he will be the one to cuddle up to me or grab my hand and hold it.
I'm just confused on why he doesn't seem to be attracted to me but yet tells me he still is. And why he would tell people I smell but yet still wanna be with me?
It's just confusing cuz sometimes he acts one way but then he says something different.

Anyone have any advice?


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  • He is bored of u maybe it's time..! its time for u to leave him... or just try talking it out!!! I know it's tough but it's your life so u have to be strong..!

    • He hates talking about things. So it makes it hard to talk about it

    • Well then there's only one option...

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