Having Dinner Tonight With a Girl I Haven't Seen In 3 Years Need Help/Advice!?

OK ladies and gentlemen. This is a long story. But a few days ago I got back in touch with a woman that I was dating three years ago. She was in love with two guys at the same time, and she couldn't make up her mind who she wanted to be with more. Now, I really loved this woman. Unfortunately we had a pretty big argument, I had an emotional outburst towards her which she did not deserve. I said some things I strongly regret and I ended the argument by saying "just leave me alone!" and she replied "Fine, I will!" A few days later I begged for her forgiveness. She told me what I said to her really hurt her, and she has decided the other man is better for her, but we could still stay friends. I was devastated to say the least. I made a big mistake, and it cost me dearly. We lost touch of each other not too long thereafter. But before we did, she forgave me for what I did. Over the past three years I have really grown, changed, and matured since then. I decided "Why not reach out to her?" So I did, and to my surprise she was very happy to hear from me. She said she misses me and thinks about me still. She's been through some pretty rocky relationships and told me she just doesn't feel like she'll ever get married. She also sent me a really cute picture of herself. So we've been exchanging emails and I asked her out to dinner, and she happily said yes. So tonight we're meeting for dinner. I have to say my nerves are shot, I feel like I have forgotten to tie my cord before a bungee jump! I mean I haven't seen her in three years, my heart is racing. I still love her (as much as a man can love a woman). I've dated other girls since her, but I never had the same chemistry with them as I did with her. I told myself "I would give almost anything to have a second chance with her". Now I have no idea how she feels about me still, does she still have feelings for me? Will I get a second chance with her? Or is fate just playing a cruel game on me?


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  • Sounds like the better/other guy wasn't as great as she thought, being single isn't working out like she wants so now you're an option again so yeah you have a second chance, make the most of it.

    • Thank you for your advice. I'll see how it goes tonight. Now if only I could get rid of these butterflies in my stomach. lol

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