GIRLS: what should my dating strategy be as the new girl in town?

I am going to move to a new area and I'm wondering how to deal with all of the attention I'm going to get. I've checked out the area before moving so I know how it is, there is a lot of young single men there *woot woot* but it is also sort of a small area where a lot of people are related and everyone knows everyone.

I am single so I am wondering how I should approach dating. I don't want to get a reputation, and I don't want to start dating 1 guy only to find out that I like another guy better and I can't date him because that guy is his cousin!


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  • I know you asked girls only but I thought that since I'm in the same boat...

    I was raised in the Suburbs. Did my teens in a village of 2k people. I remember when we moved there, I told my dad we must be in Kentucky cause everyone who lives here is all related to each other so it's one big incestuous village.

    Anyways, I moved to a new state in early June. The city I'm in has 75K people. I'd say 60k of them are in the 45+ age group. Subract the children and married couples and I would assume there are 10k single folks my age in the city.

    This city is kinda weird. Its got a Suburbs/Country feel to it, but at the same time, it also has that small town gossip feel.

    Anyways, I have had a pretty decent level of success with online dating. I'm on Plenty Of Fish. That's a dot com.

    I started talking to women here about 6wks prior to my arrival. I even had one woman who wanted to marry me. Once we got all moved into our nee house and had dinner with some family friends who live local, I called that girl up. She came right to my house, got outta the car, did not say one word, and just wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in for that kiss.

    When things went south with her, I sort of became a man whore dating up to 4 women at once. And then one of those became a GF and that other shit stopped.

    The point I'm tryin to illustrate is don't be too eager to settle in with one person when you get wherever it is you're going. See what's on the menu. You don't have to go slutting around the town square, fucking every man you meet, far from it.

    Just hang out with as many new people and sample as much of the local cuisine as you can at first. And be honest about it with anyone who asks. Afterall, you're just enjoying this new Buffet line.


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  • Make girlfriends first. Don't come off as too into guys. And learn about how they guys act before trying to date them, guys will often create a different persona when approaching a girl. Ask your girlfriends about how these guys are. But don't listen to one opinion and be open.

  • Take it slow. That's the only advice I have for you. Don't just jump into bed with the first guy you meet haha. That's pretty much where I am at, I just moved to cali and the girls here are wonderful haha. I don't want to make a mistake and sleep with the first one that lets me because if I find a really really good one she will most definitely know about the other girl and be pissed about it. Real talk. And it would be worse in a small town because eeeevvvererrry one is going to know about it


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