Why do guys just stop talking to me?

I've had this happen to me a few times, I'll be dating a guy for a month or two, one time it was for almost 6 months. Everything seems fine, no fighting or arguments, plenty of dates and good times and then the guy will just stop talking to me, no explanation or anything just stops returning calls or text. (Let me throw in that once I'm ignored I will wait a few days and try to make contact just one more time I don't go crazy and blow up their phones) I don't understand why this happens to me. Any input? Also, they always try to come back always but I don't let them.


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  • It sounds like the problem might be on you. They seem to be trying to come back, and you don't seem to let them. the guys probably just needed some time away, and you seem to find taking any time away to be unforgivable. And if you really want to find out why they are leaving perhaps you should talk to your ex's about it.


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  • One of the reason why I tend to blow girls off.. even though when in person we click like correct jigsaw puzzle pieces... i do it because of their conversational habits. three one-word or shortly phrased answers.. is equal to me ending the conversation. me ending the conversation too many times is equals to me stopping to talk to them entirely. you have showed me some kind of disinterest.. so i move on. think... what disinterest are you showing? You said "everything 'SEEMS' fine" doesn't mean it is fine. notice how i didn't say i cut them off the first time.. i waited for it to change. which means by the time they cut you off, they had had enough. you've gotta go digging. what are YOU doing... you are the common denominator here...


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