Guys, what how should I respond when he tells me he loves me?

My boyfriend told me he loves me. He was really emotional when he said it so I know he's sincere. However, although I really care for him I'm not sure if I love him or maybe I'm just not ready to return those sentiments verbally yet. What is the best way to respond without hurting him and without having to say I love you too when I'm not ready. I just kissed him on the lips and hugged him but I know he's going to bring up the fact I didn't say it back. I want to be honest but at the same time I really care about him and don't want him to think my feelings for him aren't strong. Advice?


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  • You say to him " I really care for you I'm not sure if I love you or maybe I'm just not ready to return those sentiments verbally yet."

    • :) Wow simple. Thanks. Seems like I already had the answer.

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  • Women... can't please them...

    "I love you so much"

    "yea I don't know about that"


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  • I think your response was just fine, I was thinking about acting the same way. If he brings it up, tell him you're not just ready yet to say it, but that doesn't mean your feelings aren't strong for him or you don't love him. I think how you said it here sounds just fine :)
    Good luck!

  • Just be honest. "It may take me a little more time before I feel the same way however I really do care for you and I like where our relationship is heading. Please do not give up on me"

    • I kind of wish i said that when it happend to me lol. My boyfreind told me he loved me after a month of us dating. And i was very shocked and i did not expect him to say it so soon. I ended up telling him that I love him back but i said it nervously. Im pretty sure he got the hint that i was hesitant about saying it but he did not question my response or anything. I think I completely fell in love with him probably close to 3 or 4 months in and we have been together for two years and the love that i feel for him now has evolved into something even deeper and stronger. Becasue i have had expericne with love before him, i was more in control of my feelings and i taught myself not to just dive right in however I am his first real relationship (he has been with other girls, just no serious relationship) so i think that is why he said i love you so soon, he had never had thoes feelings before and could not compare them to any other situation so he blindfully dove in.

    • Luckily for him I did not turn out to be a bad girlfriend. I think now sinse his feelings for me have grown, he may look back on how he was at the beggining and think to himself that he really never thought our relationship would have evolved into something as deep and meaningful as it is now sinse he thought that what he felt was love back then.

    • Yes, it's just that we've been together a few months but it's too soon for me to know how I feel. I just know in relationships when I knew I really loved someone. I'm just waiting for that moment because I want to really mean it with all my heart when I say it. I too am a good girlfriend so I'm not playing games with him.

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