The reasons you aren't dating?

Im 22 and here are my reasons why i think i am single.
Dont get me wrong i would love to have that special someone and to be all in love and cuddle all day long.

But i feel like i have so many other things i want to accomplish before i get setteled with someone, and a crazy thing is that i want that special someone to be the one i end up with.
So for now i want to live and experiance and work hard and finish school and than find that person.
Im not saying that if he comes my way now i won't settle, but i dont want to go looking for him.

a lot of people are on tinder swiping them boys to the right and end up being used for sex and it takes a little part of our souls when we go around and sleep with randoms, and i dont want that, i just feel like at the moment im okay and im okay with just being me.

So someone please tell my mother to stop asking if im dating everytime i meet her!


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  • the basic reasons why im single; busy, work, class, hobbies, gym, other stuff. I can definitely fit a girl in there if I really wanted too, but that's the problem. no girls that I really want around.


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  • long distance relationship


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  • Ask her if she want's you to be happy, then tell her that you know what makes you happy and therefore you should be allowed not to date if you don't want to