When a guy asks you to meet at 5am?

I'm dating a guy since a month, I've met him 4 times at normal times. We're both very busy n last week we couldn't meet at all. Now I told him we should meet. The thing is he said let's meet at 5am and then all day at park, lunch, movie etc till evening. I've told him I can't stay over at night.

Has anyone done this? When you don't meet someone for a week do you meet them all day long? I've never met someone so early.


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  • I haven't met early either, not for like a "date" type of atmosphere, which is what it sounds like. but it could be a ton of fun. you can get brunch, and do a lot of cool things like go to places that are usually crowded and experience it when it isn't crowded and take a bunch of selfies :D


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  • It's a drug deal.


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