What does this girl want from me?

i met this girl for the first time. i kissed her in truth or dare. the next day we started being playful with each other and flirting. and in a party she was dancing with an other guy and really into it. i don't know what to do i think i'll give up on her and consider her as a friend


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  • Do you really have feelings for her

    • i satrted developping feelings for her but when i saw her dancing with that guy i felt hurt and fucking mad and decided not to talk to ger again

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    • :D :)

    • 😊😊😂😂😋😋😜😜😝😝

  • ask her to go out with u

    • emm no not after she danced with that dude i am not an ass kisser

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    • @Asker LoooL Good night

    • lol good night to you

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