Don't understand guys who are hot and cold?

So I had 2 great dates w/this guy I met online, and he kissed me last time we met. He texted me everyday last week & said stuff like "can't wait to kiss you again next time!". He even called me night before the 3rd date & we talked for an hour on the phone, plus he mentioned all these ideas for things we could do in the future.

I was so excited about the 3rd date, but the minute he showed up he was kinda quiet/cold. After we watched the movie I asked if he wanted to get dinner & he said, "Nah I'm just gonna go home and relax". He also gave me a stiff hug when we said goodbye (no kiss). I texted him if everything was ok & he said "yeah, just tired". I haven't heard from him since & don't ever plan on hearing from him again.. I'm just SO confused how some guys can act so hot and cold?


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  • He might have just had a really hard & stressful day. Give him a chance and call him back in a day or two. He also might have been disappointed with something... That could have really ruined his mood.

  • Probably has a new girl he is after or he was just horny that day xD


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