How do you get a girlfriend in highschool?

So, I am a senior this year, and I have never actually dated a girl. I am not the most social person with strangers, but with my friends, I do fine talking. Anyway, I play football and baseball for our school, so most of my friends are pretty popular and seem to all have girlfriends all the time. Earlier this year, I was "talking" to this girl, but things ended before we started dating. The way we started talking was because my friends told her I thought she was cute, and she texted me first. This eventually led to us walking around with each other at school, hanging out some weekends, and she was my first kiss 😊. I think I am pretty popular at school considering I play sports and my dad is the sheriff of our county. I just don't know how exactly you initiate talking to a girl considering the only experience I have had, I did not initiate. Anything will help! Thanks.


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  • Well you don't want your friends to initiate what you start with women each time, and I mean that kindly:) if there's a girl you like, be confident and reach out to her. Strike up a convo and lead into asking if she'd like to hang out sometime. And who knows, maybe high school isn't your time for a GF and college is where you'll blossom into all of that. Everyone's timing is different :)


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  • Just ask! It's stressful at first but you'll regret it more if you let this opportunity pass you by. Should've, could've, would've beens are terrible to have. I've asked out many guys! Been turned down a lot, too. But hey! I regret nothing!

  • Just be yourself. Talk to her, but don't go in for the kill first time, or you will seem desperate. Flirt with her a bit. If she feels comfortable with it, smile and look her in the eye
    Offer her some advice when she needs it. Comfort her when she's upset no matter what, even if she is upset with you. Ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend. Remember even if she says no, just be friendly. She might even change her mind


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