He said he was on a break so is that a nive way of saying he is not interested?

One of my friends thought that a mutual friend (that I am feeling) and I were talking because of how we act around each other. When my friend mentioned it to my boy because he felt like playing matchmaker, my boy didn't really say much other than he was wondering if it was really me asking (I had no clue my friend was doing it) and that he was taking a break from dating for a while. So is he just not interested and couldn't think of a nice way to say it?


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  • You don't take a break from dating if someone you could see yourself with is right in front of you. Sorry, he's not interested.

  • yes it is ...

    • That's what I said, but my friend is like no if he didn't act offended he will be down when he wants to start dating.

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    • You realize he is single and said he was taking a break from dating anyone. And we have never dated just flirted.

    • Yes but still once someone says break I wouldn't wait for them

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