I asked this girl out at work today, but I'm still nervous. I need opinions of what to do?

So I asked this girl out at work, and I don't think she expected me to ask her to hang out on Saturday, but she said yes. That was the hard part for me since I haven't asked a girl out/had a girlfriend since I was 14, (I'm 21). But now I'm trying to figure out if we should hang out with my friends, her friends, or be alone together. I wouldn't mind any of the 3, but I don't know what she would want. I know of a lot of things we can do, but I just don't know who to do it with. I was going to ask her before Saturday if she had anything she wanted to or wanted to hang out with others, but I thought I would get all of your opinions first. I know 2 of her friends and I met her through her sister, who she hangs out a lot with, so it wouldn't be awkward for me to hang out with her friends. I just need help because I'm still super nervous, and thanks for all of your opinions! Any will help!


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  • well, if you are nervous, i suppose hanging out with her friends and sister and your friends might be better... but that MIGHT also ruin the mood... so maybe do a double/triple date kind of thing? if your friends and her friends are all single, invite the same amount of guys and girls to hang out, but keep the group relatively small. i say no more than 8 people in total, but 6 might be more reasonable... because when the group is too big, the romance will be gone. but if it is too small, things MIGHT be awkward...


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  • My suggestion: Go play a game. Wait it out.

    • I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Lol. But what do you mean by play a game and wait it out?

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    • Alright, I'll try to relax. I know things will go better if I'm not worrying, but it's just so hard for me not to worry. Lol.

    • I can understand being nervous.